What's New?

Private Beta is Open!

Yesterday we rolled out our online theme editor - the core of ContentAir Designer Tools. This means every user on the platform has enough functionality to fully develop and launch a website from scratch using only your browser. So today we officially welcome all developers and designers to join our private Beta and try out ContentAir yourself. Please subscribe to our list to get an invitation, try us out and share your thoughts to help us improve.

By Mantas on June 5th in Vilnius, LT

ContentAir goes Amazon

Starting from today, ContentAir.com is deployed on a load-balanced database-replicated cluster on AWS in Dublin. Replicated clusters in other regions are coming this summer - check out our Roadmap.

By Mantas on May 24th in Vilnius, LT

First Paid Account

We are happy to announce that our Beta-tester Simpeksa.lt today converted to a paid account (provisioned by a Lithuanian hosting retailer Tera.lt). This is first income for our bootstrapped start-up established half a year ago. It marks an important milestone for ContentAir as a company and proves our CMS to be ready for production sites. More details on the infrastructure side are coming in a week, so stay tuned.

By Mantas on May 21st in Vilnius, LT

First Database Builder Application

Today Knitas.lt went live. It is the largest multilingual website on our platform to date and the only that utilizes our database builder yet. We are excited to see new businesses coming on board and choose us as the main content editing and publishing platform for their websites. It also gives us confidence our re-invented bicycle is worth the switch from other CMSes :).

By Mantas on May 14th in Vilnius, LT

World Hosting Days 2012

We are coming to the World Hosting Days in Germany next week (March 19-23) to meet the hosting technology leaders and domain registrars. You are welcome to join the live conversation and establish new partnerships. Please drop us a message and we'll get in touch.

By Mantas on March 15th in Frankfurt am Main, DE

Cloud Expo Europe 2012

Currently we are using Amazon Web Services for content storage and delivery. Soon we are moving our computing instances and databases there, but many alternatives are emerging. So this week I visited to my knowledge the largest cloud computing expo in Europe. While several other semi-global IaaS platforms look promising, for a start-up like us they all lack one-stop-shop approach. So we'll wait on AWS and keep an eye how offerings from GoGrid, ZuniCore, opSource and Joyent develop.

By Mantas on January 26th in London, UK

IT Conference Going International

We were invited to the IT conference Going International which introduces the most successful international start-ups based in Lithuania. We are happy to have our time on the schedule among such companies as ImpressPages CMS, Mokipay, AdDuplex and Utilimon. We are the earliest stage start-up out of them and we are happy to be recognized as a soon-to-be success story :).

By Mantas on December 20th in Vilnius, LT

ContentAir Wins Verslauk!

ContentAir was awarded the subsidy of 6,000.00EUR by Vilnius municipality after winning Verslauk, the major business plan competition in Lithuania. This year it had 742 entrants, and after 3 rounds we were the only web start-up among 10 winners. This is the first official recognition for ContentAir and a very happy moment for our bootstrapping team :).

By Mantas on November 28th in Vilnius, LT


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